What are some of the most popular "tropes" you see in Fantasy Romances? 

Published on 27 March 2024 at 12:29

1. Forbidden Love: Characters from different backgrounds, species, or factions fall in love despite societal or magical barriers that try to keep them apart, highlighting the power of love to transcend boundaries and challenge the status quo.

2. Soulmates/Bonded Pairs: Characters are destined to be together, often marked by a magical bond or prophecy that binds their fates, emphasizing the idea that true love is predestined and eternal.

3. Enemies to Lovers: Characters start off as adversaries or belong to rival factions but eventually develop romantic feelings for each other as they overcome obstacles and misunderstandings, showcasing the transformative power of love to bridge divides and heal old wounds.

4. Chosen One: One of the main characters is chosen by fate or prophecy to fulfill a heroic destiny, often leading to epic quests, battles against evil, and romantic entanglements along the way, demonstrating the idea that love can be a source of strength and motivation in the face of adversity.

5. Rescue/Protection: One character rescues or protects the other, leading to a deepening of their bond and potential romantic involvement, illustrating the theme of selflessness and sacrifice in love.

6. Secret Identity: One or both characters have hidden identities, powers, or pasts that are revealed over the course of the story, adding intrigue and complexity to their relationship, highlighting the importance of trust and acceptance in romantic partnerships.

7. Magical Transformation: Characters undergo magical transformations or shape-shifting, leading to unique challenges and opportunities for romance, exploring themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and unconditional love.

8. Quest for Artefacts/Relics: Characters embark on a quest to find or protect powerful magical artefacts or relics, leading to adventures, danger, and potential romance, emphasizing the idea that love can be found in the most unexpected places and situations.

9. Rags to Riches: A character from humble beginnings rises to power, wealth, or influence, often with the help of a romantic partner who believes in them and supports their journey, underscoring the idea that love can inspire growth, ambition, and personal transformation.

10. Found Family: Characters form close bonds and create their own chosen family, often made up of misfits, outcasts, or individuals with shared experiences, leading to deep emotional connections and potential romance, highlighting the importance of connection, acceptance, and belonging in romantic relationships.

11. Shadow Daddy: A mysterious and enigmatic figure who serves as a mentor, protector, or romantic interest to the protagonist, often shrouded in secrets and dark allure, representing the allure of danger and forbidden desires in romance.


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