In the Face by Lorelei Armstrong

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Jai Varent is at the top of his game—a game in which plastic surgeons begin work on their infant patients before bones harden and fates are known. But the game changes when a body is dumped on his private patio and security tapes reveal the murderer to be one of his earliest successes, an actor whose physical perfection has raised him to demigod status. This world of obsessed fans and stage parents so desperate they'll seek specialized plastic surgery for their infant children in hopes of future fame is exposed when Hollywood’s top actor is accused of murder. What happens when the unstable actor realizes that a superstar really can get away with murder? Two Los Angeles Police Department detectives have to figure out what’s real, who’s dead, and who’s next in this fantasy murder about the price of fame and the pursuit of perfection.



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285 pages, Hardcover


January 1, 2008 by Iota Pub

ISBN: 9780979372056 (ISBN10: 0979372054)

Language: English