Two Birds with One Stone A Marsden-Lacey Mystery by Sigrid Vansandt

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A Marsden-Lacey Mystery 

By Sigrid Vansandt 

Book #1 in the “A Marsden-Lacey Mystery” series 

It’s a beautiful summer, and the busy village of Marsden-Lacey, England, has murder on its mind. Someone whacked everyone’s least favorite villager, Sir Carstons, on his villainous head. That’s when American expat, paralegal Martha Littleword, and book expert Helen Ryes find themselves knee-deep in Yorkshire murder. Spirited empty-nesters, they throw their newbie detective hats into the ring, only to discover that a murder mystery can quickly turn from adventurous lark into personal peril.


With a dash of Southern charm and humor and the help of a few quirky villagers, the girls might survive. They’ll also have to figure out how to handle the local catch-of-the-day Piers Cousins and the cantankerous Chief of Police, DCI Johns. Will they or won’t they? If they do, they might solve a murder or two, along with a hundred-year-old mystery involving a Brontë sister and a famous piece of English history.





Condition: New 

Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, British Literature


Published in 2014

ISBN: 9781515260455

Page Count: 253