A to Z Mysteries - 3 book bundle; B for Bald Bandit, C for Canary Caper, and I for Invisible Bandit by Ron Roy

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Help Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose solve mysteries from A to Z! Kids love collecting the entire alphabet and super editions! With over 8 million copies in print, the A to Z Mysteries has been hooking chapter book readers on mysteries and reading for years. 

B is for Bandit... 

There was a bank robber in Green Lawn! A red-haired kid took a video of the crime, but nobody could find him. Will the robber go free without the video?

C is for Canary...

Green Lawn has a pet problem! Dink's neighbor can't find her canary. Ruth Rose’s cat, Tiger, has also disappeared. Then, the kids hear about two more missing critters. Is there a petnapper in town?

I is for Island... 

It's picnic time! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose pack up a basket and head to Squall Island. Right away, they find a $100 bill in the sand! But when they come back the next day, the entire island has mysteriously disappeared. What is the secret of Squall Island? 


All 3 are paperback 

by Ron Roy 

Published by Random House Kids, Stepping Stone books 

F&P Text Level: N 

Ages: 6-10

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