Christian Fiction


Stories centered around romantic relationships with a strong emphasis on faith and spiritual growth.

Amish Fiction

Novels set within Amish communities, focusing on their traditions, values, and faith-based lifestyle.

Historical Fiction 

Stories set in various historical periods, often featuring Christian characters navigating challenges while upholding their faith.

Adult Holiday Themed 

Stories set during holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, often emphasizing themes of family, love, and faith-based traditions.


Modern-day narratives that explore faith, relationships, and personal struggles within contemporary settings.

Suspense / Thriller 

Thrilling and suspenseful stories with a strong moral or spiritual component, often featuring protagonists facing danger or moral dilemmas.


Mysteries with Christian themes, where characters rely on their faith to unravel mysteries or navigate challenging situations.

Fantasy / Speculative Fiction

Imaginative and fantastical stories infused with spiritual themes, allegory, and elements of fantasy or speculative fiction.


Science fiction stories that incorporate Christian themes, exploring faith, morality, and spirituality within futuristic or alternative settings.

Women's Fiction 

Novels that cater to a female audience, focusing on women's lives, relationships, and personal growth within the context of faith.

Men's Fiction 

Novels that cater to a male audience, often featuring themes of adventure, action, and personal growth, with Christian elements woven into the narrative.

Inspirational Fiction

Uplifting stories that inspire readers and offer messages of hope, redemption, and faith-based encouragement.

Young Adult (YA) Fiction

Fiction aimed at young adult readers, featuring protagonists navigating faith, relationships, and personal growth as they transition into adulthood.

Cozy Mystery

Light-hearted mysteries featuring amateur sleuths solving crimes within a Christian context, often set in small communities or cozy settings.

Biblical Fiction 

Stories that reimagine or retell biblical events or characters, offering fictionalized accounts with a focus on faith and spiritual insights.

Children's Christian Fiction

Stories aimed at children, often featuring moral lessons, values, and Christian themes suitable for younger readers.