A cozy mystery is a subgenre of crime fiction characterized by its light-hearted tone, amateur sleuth protagonist, and small-town setting. Unlike gritty or dark crime thrillers, cozy mysteries typically feature minimal violence and graphic content, focusing instead on puzzles, clues, and solving whodunit mysteries. The amateur sleuth, often a nosy neighbor, bookstore owner, or retired detective, becomes embroiled in a murder investigation and uses their intellect, intuition, and knowledge of the community to uncover the truth. Cozy mysteries often incorporate elements of humor, warmth, and camaraderie, with quirky characters and charming settings contributing to their cozy appeal. Themes of friendship, community, and justice are common, and the resolution of the mystery usually restores order and harmony to the idyllic setting. Overall, cozy mysteries provide readers with an entertaining escape into a world of puzzles, intrigue, and feel-good storytelling.